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Keynote: PHPStan: How the Sausage Is Made
Ondřej MirtesDeveloper @ PHPStan
Ondřej Mirtes develops PHPStan, a popular open-source static analyser, as his full-time job. In this talk he'll share all the aspects that go into the project: development, prioritization of issues and ideas, community management, making money, and marketing. Most of the takeaways from the talk apply to any project, not just the open-source ones. It will give the attendees a few ideas how they can improve their daily work too.

How to Generate Unit tests with AI and AST
Tomas Votruba

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PHP 8.2 - Just upgrade and go?
Arne Blankerts

Monitoring a PHP application with OpenTelemetry
Enrico Zimuel

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Lightning talks

Schrödinger's SQL - The SQL inside the ORM/Builder box
Claudio Zizza

Minimum Viable PHPipeline
James Titcumb

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Stories from a career dropout
Femke Buijs

Learn to appreciate legacy
Ivo Lukač

Happy Hour

Check-in and welcome coffee

Opening by GrUSP

Keynote: The invisible elephant in the room
Magali MilbergueWeb creator and educator @ self-employed
We've been talking about diversity and inclusion in our industry for some time now and most of us have at least a general idea of the issues at stake. But we sometimes forget about one of the aspects of diversity: disability. Not disability at a whole though, I'd say there has been quite an interest about accessibility and how to make our products better for our disabled users. But we almost never talk about disability in our industry. Many of us tech workers have disabilities and/or chronic illnesses that impact our daily lives. Yet, most of the tech industry can't seem to see us. It's always "on friday we go running" or "we play soccer as a team" or "our team building week will make us do many physical stuff !"... And disabled people get left behind. And it's even worst when our disabilities are invisible, as our coworkers and managers have even more issues to empathize with what we are living (the little bits we actually share about it). So today I'd like to take some of your time to talk about the invisible elephant in the room : disability and how so many of our work culture makes the environment toxic for disabled workers.

Theory of programming: packaging principles
Alexander Makarov

Coffee break

PHPUnit 10
Sebastian Bergmann

From domain to code: a practical approach
Davide Borsatto

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Lightning talks

Managers under scrutiny: 5 ways to kill your team´s productivity unintentionally
Sabine Wojcieszak

PHP's type system dissected
George Peter Banyard

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Keynote: An Elderly Software Developer’s Long Journey through Technology
Mark BakerSenior Software Developer at
Forty years in Software development is a long time; thirty-five years writing open source software is a long time; nearly thirty years writing software for the WorldWideWeb is a long time. You don't write software for that long without making mistakes, and without learning a few lessons along the way. So follow me on a high-speed summary of his life in software and open source development; some of the advances in technology that have occurred in that period; and some of the lessons that I've learned in that time.

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